Northern Ontario Spring Training Week 2022 Resources

Industry Update from TIAO, NOTO and DNO

Northern Ontario’s three leading tourism organizations, DNO, TIAO and NOTO, provide an Industry Update.

The discussion includes the sector’s top three challenges as they are now and what we could expect moving into 2022.

Session Speakers:

  • David MacLachlan, Destination Northern Ontario
  • Chris Bloore, Tourism Industry Association of Ontario
  • Laurie Marcil, Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario

Lending Opportunities and Programs for Tourism-Based Businesses

A discussion on financing options available through the BDC & CFDCs that includes:
• Financing
• Advisory Services
• Technology

Session Speakers:

  • Ryan Reynard, LOWBIC
  • Laura Craig, BDC

Recruitment, Retention and Rethinking Hospitality Human Capital

To say that the tourism and hospitality industry is facing a labour shortage does not do the complexity of the issue justice. 2022 finds us engaged in a fully fledged talent war as competing industries have come to understand the dynamic skills our workforce can bring to their organizations And our workforce moves further and further away from the labour market.

So where do we go from here? This session explores emerging recruitment strategies, retention tactics and a few new tricks in the world of rethinking our approach to human capital – the core of tourism and hospitality. This session blends leadership philosophy with practical resources to help operators and businesses begin to thrive in this era of disruption.

Session Speaker:

•Joe Baker, Tourism HR Canada

Welcome Back! A Look at What to Expect Summer 2022

This session provides insights into what to expect for this coming summer. We look at demand predictions along with the anticipated mix of travellers that you can expect. We will see a resurgence of markets that have been dormant for two seasons and a continuation of a stronger domestic market.

Now is the time to understand who the target audiences for summer 2022 are and how to create and deliver experiences to entice the traveller to choose your business!

Session Speaker:

•Eva Gutsche, STEM Consulting

How to Use Social Media for Your Business

This session:

  • Gives viewers overview of the benefits of using Social Media marketing for your business.
  • Presents current Social Media user statistics and facts
  • Discusses the importance of how to use Social Media to promote your brands why/brand image in an authentic and engaging way
  • Gives a deeper look at each platform: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok

FireSmart Resources

This presentation covers:

• 2021 Fire Season Overview
• Ontario FireSmart Program
• FireSmart Solutions

Session Speaker:

Jaime Seeley

Navigating a Pandemic and (Hopefully) Post-Pandemic Word: Handling Covid-19 Considerations in Your Business

This session covers:

  • Covid-19 waivers
  • Vaccine and masking policy considerations
  • Employee considerations for pandemic health and safety
  • Recent case law relating to vaccination policies

Session Speakers:

  • Zachary Courtemanche, Weaver, Simmons LLP
  • Sara Balagh, Weaver, Simmons LLP

The Business Case for Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Management

The United Nations defines sustainability as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sometimes sustainability can feel more like a lofty ideal than a road map and a plan for hospitality and tourism businesses and leaders.

This masterclass offers an overview of the concepts of sustainability, global sustainability standards for hospitality and tourism as well as some tangible resources and recommendations to help hospitality and tourism businesses and leaders navigate their own way forward towards the sustainability agenda – focusing on those connected to business growth and collective prosperity.

Session Speaker:

  • Joe Baker, Joe Baker & Co.

Moose Management Updates for Outfitters

Since 2020, Ontario has been implementing changes made as part of the Moose Management Review. Changes to moose harvest management continue to be phased in and affect both resident and tourism industry hunting opportunities.

Ministry staff will update outfitters on the status of these changes and what they mean for outfitters. The session will also provide the opportunity to discuss some common concerns related to moose tourism industry administration.

Session Speakers:

  • Patrick Hubert
  • Michael Gatt

Recruiting Staff and Wage Subsidies: What’s New for Tourism SkillsNet North in 2022

Join Destination Northern Ontario (DNO) Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario (NOTO) and The Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC) for the launch of Tourism SkillsNet North in 2022.

The session includes training options for newly hired staff and job seekers as well as staffing solutions and wage subsidy opportunities for tourism operators in Northern Ontario.

Session Speakers:

  • Juan Pirela, OTEC
  • Laurie Marcil, NOTO
  • Karen Peacock, DNO

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