Superior Country Tourism Information Centre Resource Page

This page is a ‘go to’ resource page for Tourism Information Centre (TIC) staff.

Below you will find copies of the July 2017 TIC staff training (video and power point) and quick access resource links that will help you during your day-to-day visitor interactions.

First, a bit about Superior Country…

At the centre of Canada and along the world’s largest freshwater lake – Lake Superior.

Superior Country offers the natural beauty of a spectacular lake and engaging touring routes. Affordable family fun, exciting eco-adventures as well as world class fishing and hunting awaits.

Superior Country Website

Superior Country’s website contains many helpful tools for visitors, like travel information, things to do and where to stay. It’s a great resource to direct visitors to. Click the link below to check out the website.

Superior Country Publications

Superior Country has several in print and digital publications. Visitors can access them from the Superior Country website or perhaps pick them up in person at a TIC.

Superior Country Promotional Videos

Travel Information Centre Summer Student Training Video, July 2021

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