World’s Best Snowmobile Destination

Join host JP Braaaper as he shares his passion on how to be the world’s best.

The four videos in this training series are educational and entertaining…we can pretty much guarantee that once you’ve seen one, you will binge watch them all! 

Each video has an accompanying Self-Assessment that will help you determine your level of snowmobile market readiness.

Are you ready to be the World’s Best?  Welcome to the World’s Best Snowmobile Destination Training Series.

There’s no question…northern Ontario loves snowmobilers.  That’s why we’ve created this exciting and fun training program that’s aimed to:

  • Help tourism-related businesses like you understand the importance of Northeastern Ontario’s snowmobile tourism industry.
  • Provide tips and tools for businesses and communities on how to be super snowmobile friendly and provide the best experience possible to sledders…increasing their bottom line.
  • Highlight and recognize businesses who commit to enhancing the snowmobile experience for visitors and residents.

Whether you’re a business owner, advocate or community member, you can take steps to welcome and accommodate snowmobilers visiting your community. 

We all know that snowmobilers can’t carry everything with them, which means they have no choice but to spend their money.  The more welcome they feel, the more often they will visit and the longer they will stay…which means more dollars spent in your community.   And while it may be hard to believe for those of you that are die hard sled heads, some people like to take a break when riding.  From getting off the sled mid-ride to admire a view, to stopping at an info centre to learn more about a town, snowmobile tourists like to stretch not only their legs, but their minds too.

Another thing to consider is parking.  A parking lot is a parking lot you say?  Not in this case it isn’t.  A great staging area can make the difference in where snowmobilers start and end their ride.  A well plowed, lit, secure large lot can mean so much to a group of riders to they know their whip is safe. 

So, if your job is to get people to spend money in your community, downtown or region, or if you represent a natural or heritage site, visitor information centre, staging area, lookout or other destination attraction, the below Self-Assessments are for you!

Anyone who has spent the day outdoors riding a sled can attest that as soon as your gear comes off, your belly starts to rumble louder than a piped 4 stroke sled.  And, while feeding snowmobilers doesn’t have to be complicated, it can and should be special. 

After all, a memorable meal is often the key ingredient to a great ride…so if you represent a restaurant, cafe, food shop and stop, craft brewery, distillery or other f&b provider, complete the below Self-Assessment and learn how you can amp up your game!

There is more to being snowmobile friendly than simply providing a clean room and a bed.  To truly cater to snowmobile guests, there are several simple features and upgrades you can offer that will set you apart and make you a veritable home away from home.

If you represent a hotel, inn, motel, lodge, bed & breakfast, vacation rental, cabin rental, or other private accommodation location and want to learn how to distinguish yourself as the place to stay for snowmobilers, then complete the below Accommodations Self-Assessment.

And for those of you that also provide long term parking for snowmobilers, be sure to complete both Self-Assessments below!

Ever had a breakdown on a ride or hit a rock or stump and break an A-Arm?  Well it sucks.  It doesn’t matter how experienced a rider is, bad situations can happen, and nothing ruins a great ride like a breakdown, getting stuck, or running out of fuel. Being the one that saves the day will not only make you feel like a superhero, but its also a great money maker! 

So, if you sell snowmobiles, gas, parts or other products and services directly to sledders and want to be super snowmobile awesome, the below Self-Assessment is for you!

BRAAAAP…….Let’s do this!

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