Fast Track To Success: Personalized Coaching

TEN’s Fast Track to Success (FTS) is a one-on-one coaching program, delivered by a skilled consultant retained by Tourism Excellence North (TEN) – called a TEN Specialist.

Working with owners and operators at their business during their operating season, over a 24- hour period, the TEN Specialist provides practical and useful advice to improve the operation. The coaching opportunity includes a pre-visit survey, on-site visit by the TEN Specialist, recommendations that ‘can be implemented the next day’ and two post-visit opportunities for support.

Valued at over $2,500, there is a fee of $300 for the coaching session with the remainder supported thanks to investments from Tourism Northern Ontario and Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. During their visit, TEN Specialists will participate in, stay in, or experience all operations while paying market rates.

What types of businesses are good candidates for the program?
The FTS program is beneficial for many types of operations, including:
• Operations that want to confirm they are ‘on track’
• Operations that want help responding to shifting market needs/interests and prepare for the future
• Operations needing assistance with visitor experiences
• Operations wanting objective recommendations to strengthen their overall operation
• Operations under transition. FTS can provide objective advice for operations under transition or thinking about it (i.e. ownership, family succession, new markets/products).

How do I get involved?
It’s easy! Contact TEN Coordinator, Karen Peacock, at or 705-523-2228 to discuss your business’ suitability for the FTS program and next steps.

What are people saying about the program?

• “Our Consultant was very perceptive of our organization’s needs and not only addressed topics that we brought to the discussion, but also other macro level needs. Seeing recommendations in black and white served as the impetus for our whole organization to be on the same page on these topics. Thank you.”

• “Giving us an outside look at our operation from a person that is qualified and having our issues identified from the consultant emphasized our strategy and direction.”

• “We particularly liked how focused the sessions were and how quickly the report was prepared. It kept momentum moving, and we were able to act on many of the recommendations.”

Watch our ‘Tourism Excellence North for Operators/ Tourisme d’excellence Nord pour les exploitants’ video for more reasons to participate in the FTS program!



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