Participant Application for Experiential Travel Training for Operators Workshop: May 4 – 6, 2021

  • I confirm that:
    1. • My organization is a bona fide registered tourism organization or business, operating in the Destination Northern Ontario (Regional Tourism Organization 13) region of Ontario.
    2. • My organization maintains all current relevant licences and levels of insurance.
    3. • I am a senior employee directly involved with decision-making, planning, operational and/or management activities.
    4. • I agree to participate in the entire agenda and all activities of the program.
    5. • I agree to actively contribute to discussions during the program.
    6. • I agree to respect and appreciate the contributions and views of others.
    7. • I agree to embrace new ways of engaging visitors.
    8. • I agree to implement lessons in a timely manner.
    9. • I agree to respond to requests for follow-up feedback to TEN within the stated timeframe.

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