SOLD OUT! Moving Tourism in Your Community from Ideas to Action: Focus on Developing a Winnipeg, Manitoba to Thunder Bay, Ontario Auto/RV Touring Route

This workshop is now sold out. For questions, please contact TEN at or 705-523-2228

What is the workshop?

This workshop is designed for community partners along the proposed touring route from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Thunder Bay, Northern Ontario to:

  • Learn more about the proposed touring route
  • Learn how to get involved in the route development
  • Identify key players involved in the delivery of a touring route
  • Learn the fundamentals of experiential travel
  • Learn how to improve and enhance the visitor experience along the route
  • Learn how to best position your community along the touring route to capitalize on available assets
  • Identify priority areas for development
  • Identify your community’s assets and gaps
  • Create a detailed action plan to develop and implement your touring route goals
  • Build the network of touring route partners 

Why you should attend: 

  • Your community is located along the proposed touring route
  • You want to be actively involved with the development of the Winnipeg-Thunder Bay touring route
  • You want to take your community’s touring visitor experience to the next level
  • You want to increase the number of touring route visitors and their length of stay in your community
  • Your community or destination has a high-level plan in place as part of the touring route but needs a detailed action or implementation plan to move forward

Who should attend?   

In order to facilitate productive discussion and on-site planning, we encourage more than one representative from each community/stakeholder group to attend.  Groups of 3-4 work best.  These participants can include:

  • Community stakeholders
  • Municipal and/or City senior staff
  • Tourism and/or Economic Development officers
  • Touring route managers
  • Destination development managers
  • Community champions
  • Tourism professionals
  • Funders
  • Tourism business owners along or near a route
  • Operators engaged in community/destination development

Need help identifying your co-community representatives?  We can help!  Contact Tourism Excellence North at 705-523-2228 or for any assistance.

More workshop learning objectives!

  • Gain an understanding of the traveller decision making process
  • Understand and identify the players involved in the successful delivery of experiential tourism
  • Understand the importance of providing relevant, captivating, saleable online content to potential travellers
  • Establish key performance indicators
  • Identify priority areas for product and service development
  • Create an action plan to develop and implement your objectives

Where is it?

  • Sioux Narrows, Ontario
  • Training Venue: Sioux Narrows Community Centre (5685 Hwy 71 Sioux Narrows)

When is it?

January 15th – 16th, 2020

Money Matters:

  • Participants are responsible for booking their own travel arrangements and accommodations.

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