A great Fall for Tourism Excellence North!

Thank you to all those who attended our ‘Unlock Your Potential with Tourism Excellence North’ Session at the 2017 Northern Ontario Tourism Summit in Thunder Bay. It was also great to chat with those of you who stopped by our booth to find out more about Tourism Excellence North (TEN).

At the Summit we were pleased to unveil a few videos from our new ‘All About TEN’ series. These included ‘The Value of TEN’, providing an introduction to the changing needs of the tourism sector, what solutions TEN offers, why its needed and how it can help; second is Tourism Excellence North for Operators; and third is Communities and Destinations – Pulling Together, both of which help to identify which tool(s) suit your needs.

TEN also introduced two more Case Studies to the series exploring the expectations of today’s traveller and telling the stories of individual Operators. The first ‘Are you Ready for Today’s Traveller? Focus on Technology’ highlights Aric Fishman, owner of Outdoors Skills and Thrills, a climbing company in Thunder Bay, and tells a great story on engaging visitors at every step of their journey using both traditional and on-line tools. The second, ‘Are you Ready for Today’s Traveller? Focus on Accommodation’ highlights Branch’s Seine River Lodge outside Atikokan. Branch’s is a second-generation fishing camp that has embraced the needs of today’s travellers by updating and adding new amenities.

The lessons are easily transferable to any accommodation provider or tourism operation. Check out the videos here. Available in English and French, they are great tools to share with your staff or amongst industry stakeholders. Let them spark ideas and conversation! And better yet – use TEN’s free Self-Assessment Tools to see how you measure up in the accommodations and technology areas. Sign in to TEN’s website here to learn more about the Self-Assessment Tools.

A big ‘thank you’ goes out to all the participants in the TEN videos! It was such a pleasure to work with these passionate, hardworking and generous individuals, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

In addition to the new TEN videos, our team has been busy holding workshops in Northern Ontario. This Fall in Terrace Bay and Kenora, many tourism businesses met to take part in our ‘Experiential Travel Training for Operators’ workshops.

We also held a workshop in Thunder Bay called ‘Moving Tourism in Your Community from Ideas to Action’ where community minded champions met to hash out a detailed action plan to move tourism forward in their community. Still want to know more about TEN? Check us out at www.tourismexcellencenorth.ca or send us an email at info@tourismexcellencenorth.ca

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