10 Essentials of Successful Travel Products and Experiences

  • If your operation has more than one type of tourism product or experience, use this self-assessment for each distinct offer.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • A copy of your completed self-assessment will be emailed to the address you provide.
  • Please be advised that self-assessments are stored on Destination Northern Ontario’s database. Your business/personal information is protected under PIPEDA with results kept confidential and only shared within DNO for the purpose of providing insights into needs and trends in product, training and workforce development initiatives and will not be used for anything outside this purpose.
  • For any questions please contact Karen Peacock, Senior Coordinator, Training at k.peacock@destinationnorthernontario.ca.
  • About Scoring
  • You are asked to rate whether each of the 10 factors ‘exceeds,’ ‘meets’ or ‘does not meet’ visitor expectations.
  • The goal is to meet or exceed your visitor expectations in all 10 elements at all times.
  • Travel Product/Experience connects visitors to the people, places and culture, the foundation for a memorable experience that is unique, responds to the visitor's interests and delivers on the operator's brand promise.
  • Travel Product/Experience features access to local people, stories and/or culture and a sense of place that is genuine, not forced or artificial.
  • Travel Product/Experience causes an emotional reaction from visitors and hosts.
  • Easy to:
    1. access product information
    2. make a purchase/book
    3. get to site/location
    4. get around site and throughout experience for a range of mobility
  • Travel Product/Experience provides opportunities for visitors to discover and learn.
  • Travel Product/Experience delights and engages visitors with personally relevant activities and interactions throughout the experience.
  • Travel Product/Experience provides opportunities for interactions between guests and hosts, with enough time to enjoy, connect, and participate with each other.
  • Travel Product/Experience incorporates the unexpected; evokes a response.
  • Travel Product/Experience provides unique value that commands a higher price point; a reason to stay longer; an experience not found on the average tourist map.
  • Travel Product/Experience delivers over and above the promise, leaving guests ‘WOW’ed".
  • My Action Plan

    Celebrate areas that are strong and develop an action plan to address areas that need improvement.
  • To address gaps, create a 'to-do' list that you can tackle within the next month. Include a list of strengths that you will build on.
  • To address gaps, create a 'to-do' list that you can tackle within the next three months. Include a list of strengths that you will build on.
  • To address gaps, create a 'to-do' list that you will tackle within the next six months. Include a list of strengths that you will build on.
  • Five things to do when you are finished
  • 1. The insights you gather are for use by you to ensure you are meeting or exceeding visitor expectations, so keep a copy of your responses.
  • 2. Access training, resources and support through Tourism Excellence North and other organizations to improve and enhance the tourism experience you deliver.
  • Contact Karen Peacock, Senior Coordinator, Industry Training, at k.peacock@destinationnorthernontario.ca or 705-523-2228 for information about more training opportunities available to you.
  • 3. Mark your calendar for the next review.
  • 4. Take the next step to improve your operation by completing TEN’s Visitor Appeal Assessment Tool.

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